1 year warranty from scaling and peeling.

1 year warranty on cracking.


Concrete Job Specs.

Concrete will be 4500psi. with granite rock.

Control joints will be hand tool cut and at a maximum of 6’x6’

Rebar will be ½’’ diameter and placed at a maximum of 3’x3’

All construction joints will be tied together with ½’’ rebar.

Concrete driveways will be poured at 5’’

Foot traffic concrete will be poured at 4’’

Concrete steps will be poured 6’’-12’’



Recycled concrete base layer will be installed and compacted at 2’’-4’’

Base will be screeded flat with respect to concrete surface.

Base will be misted damp prior to placing concrete.


Cure and seal

All concrete will have a curing and sealing compound applied.



Do not apply deicing chemicals for snow and ice removal. (use sand for traction)

Promptly remove ice and snow.

Do not walk on new concrete for 24 hours. This includes pets.

Concrete will be easily scratched for 3 days after it’s placed.

Keep vehicle traffic off new concrete for 10 days.

Reapply sealer, due to weather and use this will range from 2-5 years.


Terms of Contract and Warranty

1) 50% down is due on all projects

2) Remaining balance is due upon completion of project.

3) If full payment of the invoiced amount is not received within 30 days of the invoice date, a monthly late fee of 1.5% of the unpaid amount will be charged or such lesser late fee allowed under applicable law.


This warranty does not cover the following:

1) Cracks smaller than 1/16" in width.

2) Damage to garage slabs, driveways caused by road salt (typically found where wheels rest normal parking spots).

3) Damage caused by Trees, Roots, Large trucks or any other environmental causes.

4) Any concrete treated with salt or chemical de-icers.

5) Mill City Concrete will fulfill the warranty by repairing, replacing or issuing a refund for the affected sections at our discretion.



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